How to solve Canon Pixma Printer Showing Offline issue?

A Very common issue among the printer users, printer showing offline means there could be multiple reasons showing this printer error. The problems could be from hardware to software like printer disconnected cables, incompatible drivers, power supply issues and other problems. But you need to find the actual problem that creates issue. And below you can find out few tricks that will help you detect the Canon Pixma Printer Showing Offline.


Check Hardware Connection

If your canon printer is not a wireless printer, then you can check the wired connection of your Canon pixma printer. Cross check if the cable is well-connected or not loose into electricity socket, change the socket plug or wire if it is damaged. While, a wireless canon printer is should be kept within the range of the computer to enjoy uninterrupted printing.

Printer Driver Related Issues

Outdated or incompatible printer driver can also create problem while using your Canon printer. Check the driver status and update the same with latest one to avoid printer driver related various issues. Visit Canon printer Support website and download canon printer driver as per the model of your printer. If you not find then take help at canon printer technical support.


Power Supply Hardware Problem

On the off chance that your printer is not getting proper power supply then it will indicate disconnected. Check the power attachment and link and if any harm, supplant the same with new one furthermore ensure the power supply to the attachment board is sufficient to run such gadgets. Typically printer demonstrating disconnected issues happens because of disgracefully power.

Reset Printer and Restore Settings

May be by mistake or due to other reasons, Canon printer may go offline mode after certain time period. Usually Canon wireless printer has such settings in which user can set auto switch off that will turn off your printer creating a major issue. You need to reset or restore your printer settings that will disable auto turn-off function. And to restore the settings professionally you can also take help at canon printer support number.


For any query or issue regarding printers, contact our canon printer support phone number Make some online search to find the genuine canon printer technical support company for the Canon printer support phone number. Such company will deal with almost all the issues like installation, configuration, printing issues, alignment issues, driver repair issues, etc. Use the Epson printer customer support number 1-800-213-8289 for help.


About 1-800-213-8289 Epson Printer Support Phone Number

Dial 1-800-213-8289 Epson Printer Technical Support Number for Online Printer help and get Epson printer customer support to repair all printers printer problems by Epson printer tech support Expert.
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