How to Replace Toner Cartridge in a Canon Laser Printer?

Printers are all about Canon printer cartridges, they are the very soul of printers. Without a cartridge, a printer won’t print. When the ink in the cartridges starts to deplete, results start appearing in form of poor print quality copies. When the ink in the cartridge eventually runs out, you have to replace the cartridge to resume your work. Read further to learn the method to replace toner cartridge in a laser printer. You can also choose to consult our experts of Canon Printer Tech Support to get a detailed guidance on this topic.


Switch on the Canon Printer

Attach your printer to a power source and switch on the printer. To access the toner cartridge, you have to keep the printer on.

Access the toner cartridges

In certain printer models, you have to press and hold the release key and pull the printer lid towards you to get access to the toner cartridges. In most of the printer models, when the cover is lifted, the carriage automatically slides to the right of the printer, hence giving access to the toner cartridges.

Remove the used cartridge

Based on the printer model, you may either have to detach the cradle holding the cartridge or press the release tab inward to unhook the used cartridge. While in some models, you may have to hold down the blue release key at the side of the carriage. Once you open the cartridge carriage, remove the used cartridge by pulling it up.

Take out the new cartridge

It is common that when printer cartridges are shipped, ink sometimes settles in the toner drum, hence producing poor quality printouts. To overcome this problem, shake the cartridge gently which will fully distribute the toner throughout the cartridge.

Remove the packaging of the new cartridge

Separate the cartridge from its packaging and drag the colored tab on the cartridge which will remove the protective tape from the lower end of the cartridge. Keep in mind to not touch the imaging drum located on the bottom of the cartridge, as it will cause print quality related issues.


Insert the replacement cartridge inside

Put the new cartridge inside; make sure it snaps in place safely. Print a test page to check if you have successfully replaced the cartridge.

Canon printer support

In this way, you will replace toner cartridge in a laser printer. For any other query or issue related to printers, contact our Canon Printer Support Number  1-800-213-8289.


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